Your help is needed to carry the Faith at Home message across the world.  We are serving hundreds of churches and thousands of households from the US and Canada, but also to Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands and Singapore.

None of this could happen without the help of faithful people who support us and our growing team of missionaries. Faith at Home Ministries is a registered 501c3 organization.

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We believe a part of our calling is to help churches and church leaders establish a customized and sustainable faith @ home lifestyle discipleship strategy.

Essentially, we want to help church leaders establish an intentional strategy through which EVERY ministry of the church will be working to help people become 24/7 followers of Christ instead of one hour Christians. We have created a dedicated website network and church survey to help church leaders.

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We believe our calling is to help individuals, parents and grandparents to establish a faith @ home focus in their household. Essentially, we want to help people live out their faith at home, work and wherever they go! This portion of our website offers a variety of ways to help people do this.

Register to browse articles, and receive weekly articles, podcasts, or videos that will provide you some of the best ideas from a variety of great authors to help you be a faith @ home focused household.

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