Partner Church

A partnership between your church and Faith@Home ministries that will connect you and your people to the information, tools, ideas and resources needed to help you establish and sustain a Faith@Home focus.

“While I love to inspire, motivate and equip churches and families to establish a Faith@Home focus I have become convinced that it’s even more important to help them SUSTAIN it because reestablishing the home as the primary place where faith is lived and nurtured is going to take time. We want to help churches and families over the long haul and that’s why we created the Church Partner program.” (Pastor Mark Holmen)

As A Faith@Home Church Partner You Will Receive…

Three Parenting Channels on your Church’s Website!

Faith@Home has created a web based parent network providing continually updated articles, blogs, webinars and podcasts from some of the nation’s leading authors and practitioners! As a Partner Church the following three channels will be added to your website:

  • F@H Moms
  • F@H Dads
  • F@H Parents of Teenagers

Access To Three F@H Church Leader Channels

Faith@Home has created three online church leader channels providing content and ideas from other church leaders, authors and practitioners. As a Partner Church your staff will gain access to this continually updated content in the following channels:

  • The F@H Sr. Pastor
  • The F@H Youth Leader
  • The F@H Children’s Leader

A FREE Webinar with Pastor Mark Holmen

Your church leadership can have a personal discussion with Pastor Mark where he can help you develop and maintain your Faith@Home focus.

All This For An Annual Investment Of…

To become a Faith@Home Partner Church requires an annual investment. If these fees are prohibitive please contact us so we can work something out with you.

  • For churches with 25-250 worshippers $200
  • For churches with 250-1000 worshippers $300
  • For churches with 1000-2500 worshippers. $400
  • For churches with 2500+ worshippers $500
  • To become a Faith@Home Partner Church

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